How to Create Google Developers Console Project

Before integrating Google Sign-in into the website or access enabled Google APIs, you must have a Google Developers Console project. In the project, you can create credentials, like API Key, OAuth client ID, Service Account Key etc. This tutorial provides the step-by-step guides on how to create Google Developers Console Project and client ID.

Creating Google Developers Console Project

To create Google Developers Console Project and client ID, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Google Developers Console.
  • From the All Projects dropdown select an existing project, or create a new project by selecting Create a project.
  • On selecting Create a project, a pop-up would appear. Here the project details would be entered.
  • Enter your Project name and click on Create button.
  • The project would be created and you would be redirected to the project dashboard.
  • Go to the API Manager page by clicking on the Enable and manage APIs link.
  • Under the API Manager, select Credentials.
  • Select the OAuth consent screen, choose an Email address, specify the Product name and press the Save button.
  • In Credentials tab, select Create credentials and choose OAuth client ID.
  • Under the Application type select Web application. Enter Name, Authorized JavaScript origins (, and Authorized redirect URIs ( Authorized redirect URIs is not required for JavaScript API. Press the Create button.
  • OAuth client pop-up would appear with client ID and client secret. Copy the Client ID and Client secret that will need to use to access the APIs.


Client ID and Client secret are needed for using the Google APIs. Check the following tutorials where we’ve used the Client ID and Client secret for accessing Google APIs.
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