CodeIgniter CRUD Operations with MySQL


CRUD operations are the most required functionality for every CodeIgniter application. CRUD operations are commonly used to manipulate data in the database. It helps to implement Add, Edit, Update and Delete functionality in CodeIgniter framework. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple CRUD application in CodeIgniter with MySQL to perform create (insert), read (select), update, and delete operations.

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How to Connect Multiple Database in CodeIgniter

connect-use-multiple-database -codeigniter-codexworld

Generally, one database is used for a single web application. But sometimes we need to use two or more database in a single site. If your application built with CodeIgniter framework, it's very easy to use multiple databases. CodeIgniter provides an easy way to connect and use multiple databases on the same or different server. Only some minimal configuration needed to connect to more than one database in CodeIgniter.

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How to Generate SEO Friendly URL in CodeIgniter


SEO friendly URL structure is a common technique for search engine optimization. The SEO friendly URL holds the keywords which help to improve the search engine ranking. It always a good idea to make website's URL SEO friendly for getting more traffic from search engines. If your website built with CodeIgniter and you want to create SEO friendly URL for the dynamic contents of the website, there is an easy way for that.

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Login with LinkedIn in CodeIgniter


Login with LinkedIn feature makes web login system completed. It provides an easy and quick way to sign in to the web application without creating an account on that web application. Using LinkedIn login, the users can log into your website with their LinkedIn account without register in your website. This tutorial will show you how to integrate LinkedIn login system in CodeIgniter.

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Sending Email via SMTP Server in CodeIgniter


Using SMTP server is always a good idea to send email from the script. Sometimes PHP mail() function fails to send the email to the recipient or deliver email to the spam folder. To avoid this issue SMTP is an effective way to send an email. CodeIgniter Email Class provides an easy way to send email from the PHP script. Also, you can send the email via SMTP server using CodeIgniter Email library.

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Login with Twitter in CodeIgniter

Twitter login in CodeIgniter surely helps to make login process smoother for the user. The main facility of Twitter login is the user does not need to create an account for log in your website. They can log into your website with their Twitter account. Also, you can get the user profile details from Twitter when they login with Twitter. This tutorial will show you how to integrate Twitter login in CodeIgniter using Twitter OAuth PHP library.

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CodeIgniter File Upload Validation


CodeIgniter provides a form validation class that helps to validate form fields by writing the minimal code. Generally, we are used required rule in CodeIgniter to validate a required form field. But required rule does not work when you tried to validate a file upload field in CodeIgniter. Using our example code you can implement file or image upload functionality with file input field validation in CodeIgniter.

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Download File from Database in CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter provides some built-in helpers to make easy to implement some useful functionality in the web application. Download Helper is one of them that lets you integrate file download feature quickly in CodeIgniter. The Download Helper have a force_download() function that generates server headers which force data to be downloaded to your computer.

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User Registration and Login System in CodeIgniter

User Login System is the most required feature in CodeIgniter framework. CodeIgniter provides many built-in libraries and helpers for implementing user authentication system. We can easily implement the user registration and login system with the session in CodeIgniter. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide to building a login system in CodeIgniter with session and MySQL database.

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