AJAX Contact Form with Email

Ajax contact form script to submit request and send form data to the email using PHP. Integrate contact form functionality with email in the website.

TinyMCE ExportToDoc Plugin

ExportToDoc plugin integrates export functionality to the TinyMCE editor, which helps the user to export HTML content to MS Word document and save as a .doc file.

YouTube Video Gallery

A powerful PHP script to embed YouTube video gallery in the web application. Get videos from YouTube channel and displaying on the website.

PHP Social Login System

Integrate user registration and login system with the social account within minutes. Download premium script to add Facebook, Google, Twitter login with PHP & MySQL.

CodeIgniter Admin Panel

Build administrative panel with CodeIgniter instantly. Download CodeIgniter backend admin panel and frontend project with responsive design.

CodeIgniter User Login System

Integrate user registration and login system in CodeIgniter application within 5 minutes. Plug & play premium CodeIgniter Login System script.

PHP User Login System

Integrate user registration and login system in PHP application within minutes. Download plug & play premium Login System with PHP & MySQL script.


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