How to Configure PayPal Sandbox Auto Return and Payment Data Transfer

At the time of integrating PayPal payment gateway in the website, you needs test the transaction on sandbox environment. In that case, some configuration is needed for redirecting buyer back to the website and receive the payment data. Without this configuration, you’ll see the PayPal auto return URL is not working and facing the PayPal sandbox not redirecting issue.

We are going to tell you the process of configuring PayPal Sandbox Auto Return and Payment Data Transfer.

  • Log into your PayPal Business account from here –
  • After successfully logged in, you would be redirected to the account overview page.
  • Click on Profile link under the My Account tab.
  • Click on Website payments preferences link from the Hosted payment settings section.
  • Auto Return: It helps to redirect buyer back to your website immediately after payment completion.
    • Under the Auto Return for Website Payments section and turn Auto Return on. Also enter the redirect URL in the Return URL field.
  • Payment Data Transfer: This will allows you to receive payment notification on return URL page.
    • Under the Payment Data Transfer (optional) section turn on Payment Data Transfer. In order to use this feature, you must turn on Auto Return.
  • Click on the Save button.

Now buyer would be automatically redirected to the specified Return URL and the Payment Information would be sent as a query string to the Return URL.


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