Creating a Simple Contact Form with PHP


The Contact Form is an essential element for almost every website. The thought of a contact form is very simple, the user is able to send their query via email to the respective organization. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple contact form with PHP and integrate it into your website. Using our PHP contact form script you'll be able to add a contact us form to your website within 5 minutes.

Some PHP Hacks Every Programmer Should Know


A lot of things are there which you should follow when working with PHP. In this article, we'll discuss some important PHP hacks among them which every programmer should know about. These PHP tips will help you to write a more structured PHP script in less time. You should always use the mentioned PHP hacks while coding in PHP.

How to Create a Toggle Switch using CSS


The toggle switch will add a neat and clean user experience to checkbox functionality. The toggle switch can be created using pure CSS, so you can use toggle switch as a filtering button in your web project. If you want to provide a better user experience on the web project, then display a toggle switch instead of a checkbox. Here we'll provide the short CSS code snippets for normal and rounded toggle switch.

How to Connect to the Remote MySQL Database using PHP


Remote access will allow you access MySQL database from another server. This access is helpful when you want to connect multiple databases hosted on different server. For security reason remote access to MySQL database server is disabled. You need to enable remote MySQL access to connect MySQL database from the different server.

How to Add Pagination to Comments in WordPress


Depending on the number of comments post page will take the time to load and sometimes the page is crashed if there are huge numbers of comments are available. If you're receiving lots of comments for posts, it might be a good choice to add pagination to comments on your WordPress site. Paginated comments speed up post page and load the page faster. In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can easily add pagination links on comments list in WordPress.

How to Enable mod_rewrite in Apache on Ubuntu


Apache mod_rewrite Module is used to rewrite requested URLs on the fly. This mod_rewrite module provides an easy way to manipulate URLs using an unlimited number of rules. In order to work with URL rewrite rule, you need to enable mod_rewrite in Apache server. Follow this step-by-step guide to enable the mod_rewrite module in Apache server on Ubuntu.

Creating a Simple Modal Popup using JavaScript and CSS


A model popup helps to display additional information without reloading the page. The user can view the relative information on the popup box on the same page. Many jQuery plugins are available to implementing a popup on the web page. But if you want to use your own modal popup without using any third party jQuery plugins, this tutorial will help you to make a simple modal popup using JavaScript and CSS.

How to Create Time Range Array in PHP


If you want to provide a time picker dropdown for selecting time, then there are many options to do that. You can use jQuery plugins to provide a time picker to the user or generate a custom time picker dropdown with PHP. If you are concern about the web page load time, then it will be better to use custom time range dropdown for selecting time. Using PHP you can easily create a time range array that helps you to generate time picker drop-down HTML.

How to Install PHP GD Support to Apache on Ubuntu


GD library is used to create and manipulate image file in PHP. PHP will need to be compiled with GD library for image functions to work. If you are using Apache web server and want to install PHP GD support, then this tutorial will help you a lot. Ubuntu comes with the package called php5-gd to add GD support. You need to install php5-gd to Apache for using the image functions in PHP.

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