How to Connect to the Remote MySQL Database using PHP


Remote access will allow you access MySQL database from another server. This access is helpful when you want to connect multiple databases hosted on different server. For security reason remote access to MySQL database server is disabled. You need to enable remote MySQL access to connect MySQL database from the different server.

How to Create & Drop Trigger in MySQL


A trigger is associated with a database table and it is invoked when a particular event occurs for that table. A trigger is activated when a statement insert, update, or delete rows in the associated table, this is called the trigger events. A trigger can be activated either before or after the trigger events. In this MySQL Trigger tutorial, you will learn how to create a trigger in MySQL. Also, we'll show the MySQL statements to show and drop the created triggers.

How to Create a MySQL Database in cPanel


Are you have a project on your local server? And want to upload it on the live server? Then you need to create the database on the server. This tutorial describes the process of creating database and tables on the server in cPanel.