WordPress SSL and HTTPS Setup

Present days, SSL is very important for every type of websites. Add SSL to WordPress site to make your website secure, earn the trust of your website’s visitors and boosts search engines ranking. WordPress SSL and HTTPS Setup Service help to add SSL certificate to WordPress site and implement HTTPS. This service provides a hassle-free way to install SSL certificate and configure WordPress for using SSL and HTTPS.

The following sub-services are included with this service:

  • Help to buy suitable SSL certificate at low cost.
  • Install SSL certificate on your hosting server.
  • Configure WordPress for SSL implementation.
  • Implement HTTPS redirection.
  • Replace HTTP to HTTPS throughout the site.
  • Make your website secure with HTTPS URL.
  • Test to make sure all pages on your site load secure HTTPS.

To get this service send us an email to admin@codexworld.com for the quote. Please mention the service name which you want to get.