Install & Setup WordPress Site on the Hosting Server

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. This service helps to install and setup a WordPress site on the hosting server. Your website will be live soon and you’ll get notified with all the details. The website will be running perfectly and you’ll be 100% satisfied. You only need to provide all the files and folders of the project.

The following sub-services are included with this service:

  • Help to buy a domain name and hosting server.(if needed)
  • Install WordPress at the hosting server.
  • Install and configure some useful plugins.
  • Upload project on the hosting server.
  • Create database on the hosting server.
  • Configure and setup project on the hosting server.
  • Test and provide the live URL to you.

To get this service send us an email to for the quote. Please mention the service name which you want to get.