How to Show Related Posts for Custom Post Type in WordPress


Related posts in WordPress are the very useful to engage the audience of your website. WordPress gives you the capability to show the related posts of a specific post type. Display the related post of the article is very easy and you can add related posts list to your blog without using any plugin. If you want to show related posts for custom post type, the posts need to be fetched by custom taxonomy terms of custom post type.

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Creating Bar Chart with jQuery and CSS


A bar chart is a graph that represents group data with vertical or horizontal bars. The bar chart helps to make the web application more user-friendly. To demonstrate comparison data among categories in percentage, the bar chart is the best choice.You don't need to use any jQuery chart plugin for add a bar chart in the web page. You can easily create your own bar chart with pure CSS and jQuery.

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Live Image Upload using jQuery, PHP and MySQL


Live image upload feature makes web application more user-friendly. With live upload, the user can select and upload images without page refresh. You can implement live image upload feature with jQuery without using Ajax or any plugin. The live image upload is very useful in user panel to update profile picture. This tutorial will show the live image upload and user profile picture update functionality.

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Connect and Handle Files in FTP Server using PHP


Upload file to the server via FTP is an essential task for every web developers. There are many FTP clients are available for handling files on FTP server. But if you want to connect FTP server by the script, you can use PHP to handle files in FTP server. PHP provides various functions to work with FTP server. This tutorial shows you how to connect FTP server and handle files on FTP server using PHP.

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How to Create Carousel Slider with Bootstrap


There are various jQuery slideshow plugins are available for cycling through elements. But if the web application uses Bootstrap framework, an additional jQuery plugin is not needed to slideshow elements like a carousel. Bootstrap JS Carousel (carousel.js) provides an easy way to implement a carousel slider on the web page. The Bootstrap carousel functionality can be extended to create the different types of the slider.

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Display Facebook Albums and Photos on the Website using PHP


Facebook Graph API makes it easy to embed Facebook albums to the website. You can easily create a photo gallery with Facebook photo albums using PHP and Graph API. Do you want to get all the photos from the Facebook page and show on your website? There's a way to upload a photo once on the Facebook page, and then let it available for both your Facebook page and website.

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Create Dynamic Pie Chart in PHP with Google Charts


A pie chart is a circular graph which is divided into slices to represent numerical proportion. The pie chart mainly used to show comparison and the graphical representation helps understand the comparison easily. If you have a requirement to show the statistics of data with a pie chart, there is an easy way to create the pie chart with Google Chart API in the web application.

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Create Top Notification Bar with HTML and CSS


Top Notification Bar or Hello Bar is the best way to direct your visitors and promote website's most important content. Use top notification bar to promote products or show important notification for maximum reach. It's very easy to create a top fixed notification bar using HTML and CSS. Here we'll provide a simple script to add a top notification bar to the website using HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

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Bootstrap Datetimepicker – Add Date-Time Picker to Input Field


If your website uses Bootstrap framework, adding a datetimepicker to the form field is very easy. The bootstrap-datetimepicker plugin provides an easy way to add datetime picker in bootstrap form element. Using this datetimepicker, the user can select day, month, year, hour, and minute with one click.The bootstrap-datetimepicker plugin is an instant solution to add datetimepicker in a form field.

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