Adding Zoom Effect on Image Hover with CSS and jQuery


Enlarge image on hover creates a better user interface in any web application. You can easily add zoom effect to the image on mouseover with CSS and jQuery. If you don't want to use any plugin for the zoom effect, our simple image zoom effect script is a perfect choice for you. In this tutorial, we'll provide a simple way and short code snippets to adding image hover zoom effect using jQuery and CSS.

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How to Create Loader Animation with CSS


A loader is a very useful element for every web project. When we use Ajax to update parts of a web page, some time needs to get the respective content. At this situation, preloader is a perfect choice for notifying the user to wait. You can use an image as a preloader or create CSS loader. If you want to make loader animation with CSS, this tutorial will help you to create simple and lightweight loader animation.

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How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in CodeIgniter


A custom 404 error page lets you display a well-designed page when a page-not-found error occurs. It makes a web application user-friendly and helps the user to navigate back to your website. There are many reasons for having a 404 page in CodeIgniter. Mainly the broken links are responsible for showing a 404 error page. You can easily customize the 404 (Page-not-found) error page of CodeIgniter as per your needs.

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Online Poll and Voting System with PHP and MySQL


Online survey or poll is mostly used on the web today, and there are many services are available which provides a built-in poll system. But if you want to create your own poll and voting system, this tutorial will help you a lot. This tutorial will explore how to build a simple poll script in PHP with MySQL.

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Online Free Tools to Test Website Speed and Performance


Speed is an essential element for every successful website. The low website speed affects search engine ranking. If your website takes much time to load, it will lose lots of visitors as well as revenue. According to Google Search Engine ranking algorithm, ranking depends on website speed. Website speed test tool helps analyze web page load speed and make them faster.

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Registration and Login System with PHP and MySQL


Login system is a key feature for every membership website. Registration and login system implementation is very easy with PHP. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to build a simple login system with PHP and MySQL. Our PHP script will demonstrate the user registration and login system with MySQL and PHP Session. Also, PHP server side validation is used on login and registration to validate user data.

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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Website


There are thousands of providers are available for web hosting, but choosing a best from those is a tough decision. Web hosting takes an important role of your website success. Before selecting a host, ensure that your web hosting company would fulfill your business needs. Here we'll help you to pick the best web host and hosting plan at a low price based on our experience.

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How to Perform Live Search and Filter on HTML Table using jQuery


Real-time search or live search is a great feature for filtering records in an HTML table. Live search helps to provide a better user interface in your web project. If you want a lightweight solution for live search, our code snippets will best choice for you. Adding a live search feature to HTML table is very easy and you can implement without any jQuery plugin.

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Display Loading Image While Page Loads using jQuery and CSS


A web page load time depends on the page elements and it may be longer for lots of images, JavaScript, and CSS. Sometimes well-designed pages suffer for page load time. Displaying a loading image on page load is a great idea to maintain the user experience of your website. Using jQuery and CSS, you can easily display a loading icon until the page loads completely.

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